North Carolina the swing state: A Fix/GovBeat chat

September 12, 2013

North Carolina: Home to some of the nation’s best basketball and barbeque, world-class universities, several of the nation’s largest banks, excellent micro-brews — and some of the most ferocious political debates in the country.

The Tar Heel State is now, and it will be for the forseeable future, a battleground. Why? The Fix and GovBeat traded emails about the state of North Carolina’s politics, what it means for Sen. Kay Hagan, and maybe even for Hillary Clinton. Check out the full dialogue here.

Reid Wilson covers state politics and policy for the Washington Post's GovBeat blog. He's a former editor in chief of The Hotline, the premier tip sheet on campaigns and elections, and he's a complete political junkie.
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Reid Wilson · September 12, 2013