Local papers go big with news the shutdown is over

October 17, 2013

Local newspapers in regions with high proportions of federal workers went big this morning on news that the U.S. government shutdown had ended.

During the 16-day closure, our graphics department put together a great map of the regions that are home to the largest share of federal workers. So we went through the top 10 to check out how local newspapers played the news that the shutdown was over and, thus, the hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal employees could get back to work.

The front pages included a personified Capitol building, an actual U.S. budget can being kicked and a lot of big, bold fonts.

Note: The regions are statistically defined metropolitan areas and sometimes cover more than one city and can span across states. All images pulled from the Newseum’s excellent daily roundup of front pages. 

Colorado Springs

Federal worker share of the population: 18.8 percent

Virginia Beach-N.C.

Federal worker share of the population: 17.2 percent


Federal worker share of the population: 17.2 percent

D.C. region

Federal worker share of the population: 14.3 percent

El Paso

Federal worker share of the population: 13.6 percent

Ogden-Clearfield, Utah

Federal worker share of the population: 11.5 percent

(Note: Front pages for cities in this MSA were unavailable, so we went with one in the adjacent Salt Lake City metropolitan statistical area.)

San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos

Federal worker share of the population: 10.9 percent

Augusta, Ga.-S.C.

Federal worker share of the population: 9.1 percent

San Antonio

Federal worker share of the population: 7.8 percent

Charleston S.C.

Federal worker share of the population: 7.6 percent

Niraj Chokshi reports for GovBeat, The Post's state and local policy blog.
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