Map: How much each state taxes gas

A map put out by the American Petroleum Institute shows how much gasoline is taxed in each state. California leads the nation with a 52.89 cents per gallon tax, while Alaska taxes the least with 12.4 cents per gallon. In addition, a 18.4 cent per gallon tax is levied by the federal government. The map shows all federal, state, and local taxes as of January 1.

Revenue from gas taxes is often used to build and maintain roads, but that money is drying up as cars have become more fuel efficient and motorists are diving less.

The Obama administration estimates the Highway Trust Fund, which pays for highway and transit programs, could drop below the level needed to cover outgoing payments by August, leading to an average of 28 percent in cuts to federal dollars being sent to states.

Hunter Schwarz covers state and local politics and policy across the country for the Washington Post.
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