Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Medicaid expansion: No, yes, no, we’re suing

First, he was opposed. Then he supported the expansion. Then he was opposed again. Now he's suing.

The man in charge of upholding Washington state’s integrity has been indicted

State auditor Troy X. Kelley is accused of illegally pocketing up to $2 million and failing to report it as income to the federal tax officials.

Kansas bans welfare recipients from seeing movies, going swimming on government’s dime

Republican Gov. Sam Brownback signed House Bill 2258, saying "people want to be self reliant."

Map: Breaking down the $11.8 billion in taxes paid by immigrants living here illegally

The nation's undocumented population paid an estimated $11.8 billion in taxes in 2012 and is expected to pay an additional $845 million annually under President Obama's executive actions, a new report finds.

A new fetal homicide bill in Colorado resurrects an old abortion debate

A gruesome attack rekindled Colorado's debate on how the state prosecutes crimes against pregnant women.

The varied and sometimes-unfair state of state taxes, in 13 maps and charts

A tour of the unfair, changing and still-recovering state tax systems.

Why states are getting worse at predicting tax revenue

Revenues themselves have become increasingly volatile, making it harder and harder for officials to issue accurate estimates.

White parents in North Carolina are using charter schools to secede from the education system

Professors at Duke have traced a troubling trend of resegregation in North Carolina's school system since the first charter schools opened in 1997.

How much each state spends on aid to poor workers

Working families account for anywhere from 43 percent to 65 percent of state spending on public assistance.

How the rich plan to help the left win back state governments

A cadre of wealthy liberal donors aims to pour tens of millions of dollars into rebuilding the left’s political might in the states.

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