Alaska wants the humpback whale off the Endangered Species list

Delisting the whale could open new territory for oil exploration.

Map: Where tea partiers live, by state

Alaska is home the most, per capita. New York, the least.

Watch Alaska’s House speaker welcome back lawmakers with a cow bell joke

There are three things you have to know in order to understand this political insider's joke from Alaska.

Alaska Session Preview: What to do about a $2 billion revenue hole

The $2 billion dip in revenues is the result of new oil tax cuts as well as dropping prices and production.

Here’s a sampling of local projects funded by the $1.1 trillion spending bill

A roundup of local projects in four states that will receive a combined $20 billion in funds.

Alaska could become the third state to legalize marijuana—as soon as August

A group says it's turned in more than 50 percent more signatures than are necessary to qualify.

FAA picks six states for drone testing

Energy states have the biggest budget cushions

Being home to a substantial energy sector has provided a few states some fiscal security.

Alaska revenue to fall $2 billion after oil tax cuts take effect

Rolling back Sarah Palin's tax hikes will cost Alaska big bucks.

Alaska says no to Medicaid expansion

The state will forgo up to $3.7 billion in federal funding, leave 40,000 uninsured.

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