Rick Perry thinks Mexico may have just solved America’s immigration problem

Texas Gov. Rick Perry thinks privatization in Mexico may entice undocumented immigrants home.

Dream Act advances through Washington’s Republican Senate

In a reversal, senators passed a version of the act to allow the state to give financial aid to students in the country illegally.

A Kansas lawmaker wants the state to count undocumented schoolchildren

The bill would not deny school to such children, but it would require they be counted.

States take action on immigration as Congress stalls

At a time of federal inaction, state legislatures are taking the lead on immigration reform.

Chris Christie just took a big risk on immigration

Signing a version of the DREAM Act will give Chris Christie's enemies fodder in 2016.

New Mexico’s Martinez targets driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants

In what has become an annual ritual, Martinez is taking on a Democratic-led legislature.

DREAM Act headed for Christie’s desk

Democrats in the state legislature are putting the Republican governor on the spot.

In Texas, Ted Cruz has allies

He's made few allies in Washington, but back home, Ted Cruz is among friends.

22 things the American Community Survey taught us about foreign-born U.S. residents

A few facts that caught our eye about the 40.8 million foreign-born people who live in the United States.

California lawmakers finalize gun control, immigration bills

A flurry of last-minute legislation will allow undocumented migrants to get state licenses.

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