Arizona session preview: Rethinking child protection

A scandal in the adoption and child services bureau has Arizona legislators taking action.

South Carolina session preview: First up, dealing with a ‘mega potato farm’

Billions of gallons of public water are at stake.

New Hampshire session preview: Expect fights over guns, the death penalty and pot

Expect some big fights out of the small state.

Hawaii Session Preview: Lawmakers return today to talk cooling schools

The state will take up policies both familiar and unique.

South Dakota Session Preview: Making peace, with cash

A budget windfall will help make the peace in South Dakota.

Michigan session preview: What to do with a $1.3 billion surplus

Tax cuts could be on the horizon.

Maine session preview: Rehashing a Medicaid fight

A tough session awaits Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) and the Democrat-controlled legislature.

Iowa Session Preview: Looking to November

A raft of top-tier races this November has legislators wary of taking up an ambitious agenda.

Washington Session Preview: It’s Rodney Tom’s world

Two Democrats who caucus with Republicans will drive the agenda -- for the moment.

Kentucky session preview: Rolling the dice

Casino gambling could be the answer to Kentucky's budget woes.

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