Map: The high state-by-state price of picking up the tab for tax avoidance

In some states, tax filers would each have to pay more than $2,500 extra.

Personal dividend taxes are highest in blue states

California has the top marginal tax rate on personal dividends income.

Indiana wants to give an Olympic champion a tax break

Slopestyle bronze medalist Nick Goepper's tax bill depends on a conference committee.

How states can reclaim $1 billion from offshore tax havens

A policy in place in Montana recovered $7.2 million from offshore havens in 2010 alone.

Seahawks, Broncos will pay New Jersey taxes

The "jock tax" means Peyton Manning will owe New Jersey about $57,000 next year.

Iowa Session Preview: Looking to November

A raft of top-tier races this November has legislators wary of taking up an ambitious agenda.

Washington Session Preview: It’s Rodney Tom’s world

Two Democrats who caucus with Republicans will drive the agenda -- for the moment.

Kentucky session preview: Rolling the dice

Casino gambling could be the answer to Kentucky's budget woes.

Rhode Island Session Preview: A tough ‘hangover’ awaits lawmakers

Ocean State voters may remember some of this year's fights from 2013.

Session Preview: Ohio could tackle economic, gun and election policies

Ohio's legislature has a lot on its plate this year.

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