Why your dreams of a cushy ambassadorship can still come true

Billionaires' big bucks for super PACs won't freeze lesser campaign bundlers out of great jobs.

What else does Rep. Aaron Schock have in common with Lincoln?

Did Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) know everything he had in common with Lincoln?

The best congressional acronym ever — well, at least of this week

Coming up with catchy titles for legislation is something congressional staffers love to do.

Who guessed that Ted Cruz would be the first to officially announce?

And now, the winners in the In the Loop contest to pick the first major presidential candidate to officially announce.

Which Clinton, Bush or Obama Cabinet nominee waited longest to be confirmed? Soon it will be Loretta Lynch.

The Senate won't confirm Loretta Lynch until at least mid-April, if at all.

Treasury Department admits dead Cubans can’t actually hurt us

The Treasury Department has lifted its ban on business with dozens of non-existent Cuban companies and people.

The six openly gay U.S. ambassadors were together in one room

The State Department is making history on LGBT issues.

This ’80s pop star is miffed that Majority Whip Steve Scalise uses his song

Steve Scalise's affection for this '80s band is not reciprocated.

Former Obama ambassadors against a full Afghan troop withdrawal in 2016

Former top diplomats sent an open letter to President Obama to delay a planned drawdown of troops from Afghanistan. Obama agreed to Afghan leaders' request for more time.

Hillary remembers fondly when the press focused on substance. Did we?

Hillary Clinton jokes at a media event, rhapsodizes about when reporters focused on substance.

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