Congressman’s fundraising trips conveniently coincided with ‘mindfulness’ events

Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio is very popular in California.

Which would you take? The Correspondents dinner or a free trip to Paris?

Some lawmakers apparently had something much more important to do than go to a press dinner.

Attention hackers: This federal agency will pay $1,000 and zero bragging rights

The GSA needs help solving government IT problems.

This government agency is banning employees bringing cellphones to work

Agency worried that workers will steal personal information from passports.

At least the Senate’s antiquated campaign filing creates jobs here … and abroad

FEC using program to lessen the time it takes to enter paper-filed campaign finance reports.

Apparently Ted Cruz has decided voting isn’t a priority

Rand Paul manages to juggle both. Why can't Ted Cruz?

Kids ask John Kerry: What do you do? Do you like chores?

The children of foreign service officers, at the agency for Take Your Child to Work Day, weren't interested in Kerry's e-mailing habits or his relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Paris magazine cover Hillary Clinton doesn’t want you to see

The Paris magazine cover Hillary Clinton doesn't want you to see

Will John Kirby be Russia’s new punching bag at State?

The State Department goes military for new spokesman with Rear Adm. John Kirby, while the Pentagon is going civilian.

Congress is getting some stuff done. It’s so rare that everyone is noticing.

A new project shows this Congress is being more productive than previous two.

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