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Posted at 12:00 PM ET, 05/04/2012

The Bush 2003 “Jobs Tour”: the “real” story?

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Jobs and Growth Tour
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A Loop Fan, browsing Wikipedia — the “people’s” on-line encyclopedia to which anyone can contribute — learned of Bush cabinet members’ drug use on the bio page of former Bush II administration Treasury Secretary John W. Snow.

The site linked to an Associated Press report in July 2003 saying that Snow, Labor Secretary Elaine Chao and Commerce Secretary Donald Evans were embarking on a cross-country “Jobs and Growth Tour,” of key electoral states to promote the Bush administration’s tax cuts.

The next sentence: “Investigative reporting by The Daily Show revealed that the three were regularly using cocaine on the tour, although no action was ever taken regarding it.”

The “investigation” is actually a Sacha Baron Cohen-type video spoof where Rob Corddry, a Daily Show “reporter” tracking the group, pretends to “discover” the trio is using “code words” to mask what’s really going on.

At one point on the bus, Chao talks about dinner, which Corddry says is code for ”cocaine” and “pit stop,” which he says is code for “cocaine party.”

Unclear how long the bizarre sentence has been on the page. These sorts of entries may be removed, but sometimes they aren’t. So, as most folks know, Wikipedia should be used with care.

Maybe everyone thought the Daily Show clip would have been obvious? Or maybe no one noticed it because opponents of the tax cuts always thought the Bush folks must have been smoking something to promote them?

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