Why pilotless planes aren’t the answer to preventing air disasters

Knee-jerk technological innovations as a response to disasters don’t always make sense.

How DroneDeploy’s app is about to make farming more efficient

With DroneDeploy one doesn't have to be tech savvy or know how to fly a drone to enjoy its benefits.

Meet Magisto Shot, the app that wants to save us from bland text messages

Magisto Shot makes it easy to spice up bland text messages.

Fitbit’s CEO discusses the looming Apple Watch, and how having friends with Fitbits makes you healthier

We talk about the Apple Watch, and why it's good for your health if your best friend has a Fitbit.

Want to make your drone more useful? Now there’s an app for that.

As drone makers let everyone create apps, the technology's full potential gets tapped.

Why organism engineering could be a foodie’s dream come true

Manipulating the genetic code of microbes could lead to breakthroughs in new flavors and ingredients.

How Facebook is embracing the future of visual story-telling

"Flat" videos have peaked. The social network will soon support spherical videos.

Gender bias or intimidation? Why sex discrimination isn’t business’s biggest problem

Gender bias is an issue, but intimidation is worse.

Force fields could be the next big battlefield innovation

A new patent could be the basis for a new "force field" protecting soldiers from IEDs.

When Elon Musk lived on $1 a day

"In America it's pretty easy to keep yourself alive," Musk explained.

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