Apple Watch is competing as a fashion accessory, and that’s a risky move

Targeting the fashionista crowd and not the techie crowd is a risky bet.

China is getting ahead. Can the rest of the world keep up?

The country is well-positioned with money, smart minds, a huge market and hungry entrepreneurs.

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Vertical videos, long scorned, find a niche on smartphones

Snapchat and Mindie are embracing the long-hated format.

Why not to fear the impact of virtual reality goggles on your long-term health

The CEO of a prominent virtual reality company attacks his competitors, but his claims are overstated.

6 way-too-late attempts from the camera industry to compete with the iPhone

The traditional camera industry went down with a fight, but never really had a chance.

Why we should all be thrilled about the FDA starting to embrace innovation

Consumers deserve the right to drive their own health care decisions and procedures.

After net neutrality vote, an uncertain future for the Internet

It's unclear what unintended consequences will result from the FCC treating the Internet as a utility.

The ‘unstealable’ bike to begin shipping in September

Three Chilean kids watched their creation go viral. Now they're ready to sell it to the masses.

The epic quest to become the first $1 trillion company

Apple may be the safe choice, but it’s most likely the first $1 trillion company hasn’t been created yet.

Google invests $300 million in SolarCity fund to spur residential solar projects

The company is investing $300 million in a SolarCity fund to get residential solar projects built.

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