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Posted at 03:46 PM ET, 07/13/2012

This American tweet to the universe

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image obtained Feb. 3, 2012, of the nearby spiral galaxy M74. (HO)

Go ahead, try it. Tweet something to the universe. If you do, don’t be surprised if the universe, or @THEUNlVERSE, tweets you back (that’s right, there’s an ‘l’ in the middle.).

The account is taking a break as of the writing of this post so as not to trigger spam filters, according to Mashable’s Christine Erickson:

But @THEUNlVERSE has been active since April — busy responding to fellow Twitter users who mention, well, the universe.

The account was created by Reddit user “Amathev” — who claimed credit for the Twitter handywork on Reddit:

Some of the responses have been particularly amusing and, at times, even uplifting:

The collection of tweets is good for some Friday laughter fodder, much like the #ThisAmericanLifeStories hashtag that, earlier this week, took the twittersphere by storm. The hashtag, originally started by Cullen Crawford and given steam by comedian and character actor Patton Oswalt, according to Wired’s Underwire, has provided an outlet for Twitter fans and detractors alike to delicately — and not so delicately — mock the public radio show, which features off-beat stories on a wide variety of topics.

Here’s Oswalt’s tweet:

As with @THEUNlVERSE, let the hilarity ensue:

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The response from “This American Life”? Sweet, sweetRevenge.

That’s right: A competing hashtag, #pattonoswaltroles, giving users an opportunity to list unlikely characters Oswalt might play.

Both @THEUNlVERSE and #ThisAmericanLifeStories are relatively innocuous, and are just two of a number of social media moments where a large group of people can come together to do something pretty simple but in­cred­ibly valuable: Make us laugh.

Hey, universe, are you listening?

(Thanks to Christine Erickson’s write-up at Mashable for bringing @THEUNlVERSE to my attention).

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