Five of the most-liked Washington Post comments from the last 24 hours

November 21, 2013

Comments on politics stories grab the top five slots with the exception of the controversy over opening a community watering hole in Brookland. Our top comment from you people received the second-most likes of any comment this week.

1. From The GOP is out to destroy the country by Jonathan Capehart; you people (52 likes)

The title seems a bit hyperbolic, but, and this is the problem, it’s true! Lacking any vision, the GOP has, for the past five years been on a course of destruction. It believes that if they can force a failure of the Obama presidency, the country will flock to their party, kind of like what happened with the Bush presidency. Only thing is, Bush needed no help from the Democrats to destroy the country.

2. From Rep. Trey Radel of Florida pleads guilty to cocaine charge by David A. Fahrenthold, Keith L. Alexander and Sari Horwitz; Abe2 (41 likes)

If he were black and poor, he’d get a stiff prison sentence and be (even more) unemployable after parole.

Since he’s rich, white and well-connected, this little “tragedy” will just be a blip on his life’s radar screen. A second chance is his birthright.

3. From The Republican Party = the tea party. Basically. by Aaron Blake and Sean Sullivan; AnonPoster (25 likes)

Back when I joined our nation’s armed forces I raised my right hand and swore to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Even though I’ve been out of the military for quite some time now, I still believe I have a part to play in defending our nation and Constitution. And I will do so, by never voting Republican again as long as I live.

God bless our United States.

4. From Why reselling Obamacare won’t be easy by Juliet Eilperin and Scott Wilson; Hawaii Moderate (22 likes)

The economy may suck…….but at least our health care insurance is more expensive.

5. From Growing pains test residents in Brookland by Clinton Yates; dcheretic1 (21 likes)

ANC Commissioner Carolyn Steptoe is a BIG part of the problem with tensions in Brookland. Despite her office, she refuses to be a community leader. Instead, she takes sides and actively seeks to block access to the democratic process for those who disagree with her. [Read the full comment here.]

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