Five of the most-liked Washington Post comments from the last 24 hours

A local story grabs the top spot after a driver was busted for not paying his tolls. The president’s health-care law (Obamacare), the Iran nuclear deal and George Zimmerman remain hot topics. 

1. From Reston man runs up $202,000 bill driving through E-ZPass without paying by Tom Jackman; Scuromondo (25 likes)

Deliberate cheating really irks me. So I’m glad this guy got caught and is being forced to pay-up.

2. From Bipartisan scorn for the interim deal by Jennifer Rubin; Gog_Magog (21 likes)
It’s always sad when war is avoided. The best way to waste a trillion dollars is by blowing up things and killing hundreds of thousands of people.
3. From The Insiders: This is what panic looks like by Ed Rogers; hopeforchange (20 likes)

If Obamacare is that good for us, why does the president continually have to lie about it, delay it, and hide information about it?

Tie — 4. From Sarah Palin attacks media-elite ‘hypocrisy,’ accepts apology of MSNBC’s Martin Bashir by Erik Wemple; CaptainKarl (17 likes)

Palin talks about the media bubble.

She lives in a bubble of Ted Cruz and Rush Limbaugh. They write her script. [Read the full comment here.]

Tie — 4. From Shellie Zimmerman speaks by Jonathan Capehart; MeriJ (17 likes)

He had a history of these incidents long before killing Martin. Shellie Zimmerman previously said she is not sure that he was telling the truth about the killing. In this interview she acknowledged that she realized he had been lying about a number of things.

His pattern is to become enraged, act violently and then call 911 to create a record showing that it was the other person who was violent.

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