Five of the most-liked Washington Post comments from the last 24 hours

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and still no turkey references in our top comments. But plenty of talk of Obamacare, Lara Logan and Dinesh D’Souza.

1. From Pope Francis denounces ‘trick-down’ economic theories in critique of inequality by Zachary Goldfarb and Michelle Boorstein; ThinkThink2 (33 likes)

There is not a single year since Ronald Reagan coined the phrase and convinced the nation to extend handouts to the rich that trickle down trickled down.

Instead, he pioneered a “syphon upward” society that has seen the wealthiest’s income increase by more than 400 percent while 93 percent of the population’s income has actually declined — this, despite an 80 percent increase in worker productivity since 1981.

2. From The Morning Plum: What if the GOP stance on Obamacare proves a liability too? by Greg Sargent; Wokmaster (26 likes)

The GOP poverty agenda: “What are you still doing here?”

3. From Lara Logan takes leave of absence after erroneous Benghazi report by Erik Wemple; tedlittleford (24 likes)

The speech she gave earlier is a giveaway. Her entire mission was to confirm her very vocal and strident beliefs about the administration’s culpability.

She then applied a thin veneer of “journalism” to justify her hit job.

4. From Misery loves company: Congress vs. The White House by Jennifer Rubin; Paul 52 (23 likes)

While 1/2 the GOP endorsed cap & trade to 1/20/2009, none agreed with it after. While 1/2 the GOP endorsed sensible immigration reform before 1/20/2009, none agreed with it after. While 1/2 the GOP, inclusive of Dole, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Romney AND DeMint endorsed mandatory health insurance, none did after 1/20/2009.

And you think that the problem is Obama vilifying Republicans? [Read the full comment here.]

5. From Dinesh D’Souza and his vile Trayvon tweet by Jonathan Capehart; richtoot (20 likes)

D’Souza is a tacky little man who punches below his weight. He aspires to be second rate. He’s Sarah Palin in chinos.

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