Five of the most-liked Washington Post comments from the weekend

While no comment amassed a large number of likes, we did see comments from a wide range of areas (politics, sports, education) make it into the top five.

1. From Rubio, McCain: Gates should have waited to write his book by Niraj Chokshi; OldNavy (16 likes)

Wow. The president was skeptical that the plan the military laid out would go exactly as they said. Shocking! How could he not have 100 percent faith in the generals? They’ve never been wrong before, have they?

I’ll take a president who is skeptical over a rubber-stamp cheerleader for the Pentagon any day.

2. From Strasburg, Nats avoid arbitration, agree to $3.975M deal by Adam Kilgore; eric22 (13 likes)
Washington has a baseball team? Who knew? All I ever hear about on the radio is some football team that hasn’t won anything in 15 years.

3. From Weather Channel urging viewers to pressure DirecTV not to drop network by Jason Samenow; SteveT-CapitalWeatherGang (12 likes)
Naming winter storms for me was the last of many straws that finally turned me off completely to TWC!

4. From Single university president signs school contract restricting her love life by Valerie Strauss; dshepherd2 (11 likes)
Ms. Boyd, you’re an educator, not a priest. And it’s the state of Alabama, not the Roman Catholic Church. Granting the state this level of say in your personal life sets a highly questionable and morally charged precedent.

5. From What’s the best movie set in your state? This map will tell you by Chris Cillizza; oceans11 (9 likes)

Pulp Fiction is the highest rated movie set in California? That’s absurd. I could name dozens, perhaps hundreds, better, starting with “Chinatown.”

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