The argument for humans as ‘the new horse,’ unemployable and not to blame

Is this the waiter of the future? A robot carries food to customers in a restaurant in Kunshan, China. (Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images)

Almost every day I run into a new story about some robot, or an automated process, taking on work usually done by a human. The latest example is a restaurant in China where robots take food orders and serve meals. These robots don’t appear as sophisticated as my “robot watch” story earlier this week – a robot butler that delivers toiletries to guests’ rooms at a California hotel. But the trend appears pretty clear.

Between the development of self-driving cars and the growth of jobs in computer science, automation is arriving in a big way. C.G.P Grey published a smart look at the threat to traditional human jobs on YouTube this week.  The video argues that just as horses became increasingly unemployable, so will humans. It’s 15 minutes long and worth your time:

(h/t @wadhwa)

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