We need more humanities majors

In order to access the gold mine great customer service can make accessible, we need more humanities majors -- not fewer.

By Christian Madsbjerg and Mikkel B. Rasmussen July 30, 2013

Five ingredients for innovation

Guest Post | After the World Innovation Forum this year, Leidl walked away with these five big takeaways.

By Dan Leidl June 21, 2013

The government’s path to irrelevance

Guest Post | The government, today, breaks down problems in discreet chunks, creating the illusion of simplicity. And it's killing Uncle Sam's ability to creative.

By Josh Kerbel June 11, 2013

The ways of Silicon Valley

Both Washington, D.C. and Silicon Valley are full of type-A personalities, but author Deborah Perry Piscions quickly realized that the similarities ended there.

By Deborah Perry Piscione May 10, 2013