Google’s robotic ‘dog’ — that can’t stop getting kicked — laps up Internet sympathy

Spot keeps getting kicked. And oddly, people feel really bad about it.

Automated Insights, the guys with ‘robots’ writing stories, acquired by owner of Stats, LLC

Automated Insights gets acquired, and the move could have a big impact on sports data.

One small step for man, one giant step for the commercialization of the moon

If you want to do business on the moon, you’d better check with the FAA.

Britain to test a self-driving car on public sidewalks

Passengers punch in their destination on an iPad, then sit back and enjoy the ride.

Privacy is following chivalry to the grave. Here’s why that’s a good thing.

In the digital era, privacy is a net drag on innovation.

How self-driving cars would benefit Americans more than world peace

During the four deadliest wars we fought in the 20th century, more Americans died in cars.

Peak fender-bender: Technology can prevent car crashes, if consumers will buy in

Technology is good enough for cars to identify imminent crashes and automatically brake.

How one city that’s vulnerable to climate change is fighting back

Trees and vegetation replace pavement so that heavy rains will be absorbed instead of causing floods.

Why I’m confident that the tech industry is fixing its diversity quagmire

The tech industry -- long a boys' club -- shows signs that it's cleaning up its act.

Crowdsourcing America’s cybersecurity is an idea so crazy it might just work

Given the size and complexity of the problem, we need more people to help.

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