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Winter storm updates

The wintry weather continues Tuesday with snow and sleet arriving during the morning commute. We’re bringing you the latest live updates on what’s going on, what’s open, what’s closed and what you should expect.

(Dayna Smith / For The Washington Post)

(Dayna Smith / For The Washington Post)

Winding down our live updates

With the snow having fully moved out of our area, we’re going to wind down live updates. Here are a few resources going forward:

• Make sure you stay with the Capital Weather Gang for more on today’s snow and what you can expect Tuesday evening and going forward.

• Our list of closings and delays throughout the region. This will be updated, so keep an eye on it.

• Photos taken during the snow and the winter storm: Our gallery and The Grid.

Power outage tracker.

Looking ahead to Tuesday's commute home

Should we be worried about the evening commute? The Capital Weather Gang says many roads should be fine, but there could be some trouble spots:

The entire area will drop below freezing tonight, but with snow ending by early this afternoon, most roads should have time to get cleaned and/or dry out. Where they don’t, there could be some slick spots after dark, especially in the colder north and west suburbs. I don’t expect major problems and most areas should be in good enough shape for on time school Wednesday – although a delay or two in Loudoun and Frederick county wouldn’t shock me.

Everyone should still use caution when heading home. Roadways around the area could be slick, as could sidewalks and stairs at train stations. Be ready for your trip to potentially take a little longer than usual.

Museums, galleries closed

People enjoying a snow day are undoubtedly looking for something to do. But not everything is open. Some museums, galleries and other spots are closed. The Going Out Guide has a list here.

Updated snow totals

Jason Samenow of the Capital Weather Gang asked readers around the Washington region to send in their snowfall totals over social media:

As far as I can tell, here’s a good overview of totals (though it’s still snowing in many spots): 0.5-2″ in D.C., 1-3″ in Fairfax County, 2-5″ in Loudoun, 2-4″ in Montgomery County, 3-6″ in Frederick County, and 1-2″ in Prince George’s County.

Shutdown postpones hearing into Asiana crash

One trickle down of the decision to close the federal government was the postponement early Tuesday of a hearing on the July 6 crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 as it approached the runway in San Francisco. The National Transportation Safety Board had planned to begin a two-day hearing at its Washington, D.C., headquarters Tuesday morning.

The hearing will be rescheduled, but the new date hasn’t been announced yet.

— Ashley Halsey III

Where to go with kids

If you have children, and if you’re looking for a way to keep them entertained on a cold day with no school, On Parenting has some ideas:

The U.S. Botantic Garden is a lot of fun for different ages. I used to take my little ones when they were still in strollers — such big, pretty things to look at in the warmth. Older ones can appreciate the interesting cactii and water features. And hey, how can a kid resist the train set up for the holidays?

The National Museum of the American Indian has an entire exhibit devoted to kids, with hands-on activities….

Hidden Oaks Nature Center in Annandale has a pond, live animals, a climbing “tree” and puppet stage. The space is great for kids two and older.

Brookside Gardens has trails, a nature center with live animals, and, of course at this time of year, a fun train display among the many pointsettias.

Snowfall at local airports

At area airports, snowfall this morning appeared to be heaviest at Washington Dulles International. The airport’s snow teams were out clearing runways.

However, runways at both Dulles and Reagan National airports are open and flights are arriving and departing, though some of the regional airlines had canceled some flights.

According to FlightAware, delays of two hours or more were reported at larger airports in New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey due to snow and ice.

Winter storm warnings, weather advisories dropped

Winter storm warnings and weather advisories have been dropped, Jason Samenow of the Capital Weather Gang reports. In addition, the snow should entirely wrap up in this region by 12:30 p.m.

Traffic is sparse and moving smoothly

What traffic there was in the Washington area moved smoothly on major roadways because there was so little of it. At times, fleets of yellow plow and salt trucks, working in teams, out numbered the cars and other trucks on the Beltway and other interstates.

— Ashley Halsey III

Snow should wind down in the near future

Snow continues to fall in some parts of the area. How long will it last? Jason Samenow of the Capital Weather Gang has an update:

Back edge of snow continues to advance eastward and will end across area in the next hour. Snow is now ending in western Fairfax and western Montgomery counties, and should push east/northeast of I-95 by noon.

'Everybody stays home when it snows'

Dupont Circle was all but deserted Tuesday morning, but a few hardy people hurried to their destinations, many of them carrying umbrellas to shelter themselves from the thick, wet flakes of snow that turned to slush upon hitting the ground.

“I love it,” said Holly Sachi, a tourist from Los Angeles as she waited for a bus that would take her to the Mall where she planned to visit museums, hoping that at least some would be open. “We don’t have this in California.”

Sachi, 49, an artist who does post-production work on films, arrived in Washington on  Monday specifically intending to tour the city’s museums “before there’s another shutdown, and before they start charging for admission.”

She was forewarned that the city would resemble a ghost town if there were snow, or even a moderate rainfall. “A friend said it’s normally a busy city, but everybody stays home when it snows so it’s empty,” she said.

— Carol Morello

Patriotic snowman

Gallery opening delayed -- again

First the shutdown — now the snow.

Tuesday’s grand opening of the David M. Rubenstein Gallery at the National Archives was postponed on account of the weather, adding yet another delay to the Archives’ long-anticipated museum-expansion project.

In October, the Foundation for the National Archives announced that construction of the 3,500-square-foot gallery was on hiatus due to the government shutdown. The opening — originally scheduled for Nov. 8 — was pushed back by a month and two days. Then, the weather happened.

“They’ve been having bad luck,” said Chelsea Beroza, a spokeswoman for the foundation.

Head here for more.

Delays at major airline hubs nationwide

Fighting snow and ice on runways, and de-icing planes before takeoff, began to take its predictable toll at airports hit by the storm, with Philadelphia and all the New York airports reporting big delays.

When those key hubs get backed up, it ripples through the system, and by mid-morning hub airports in Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte and Dallas-Fort Worth were reporting delays too.

Though the fast-moving storm was expected to pass by afternoon, the flight delays will persist through the rest of the travel day.

— Ashley Halsey III

Snow falling on a shuttered region

Snow is falling across the Washington region now, coating closed schools and shuttered federal offices. Here’s our latest story on the region’s response to this weather.

Lighter crowd at Rockville Starbucks

At the Starbucks in the Mid-Pike Plaza shopping center in Rockville, one or two customers ducked in every 5 or so minutes. On a normal weekday morning at 8 a.m., they’d be lined up at the counter.

Even on a morning when schools and the federal government were closed, Barbara Hansen headed to work as a nurse at a private daycare center for seniors.

“The side roads are a little slippery, but the main roads aren’t bad,” said Hansen, as she waited for her Starbucks soy misto.

She said she had driven several miles down Rockville Pike from her home in downtown Rockville. “People are driving slowly and there’s less traffic, so it’s much easier,” Hansen said.

Hansen said she didn’t mind heading through the snow to a job she enjoyed. Other people who also needed to work today would still need a place for their elderly family members to spend the day, and they would need a nurse on duty, she said. “I might as well go to work,” Hansen said before heading back out into the snow. “What am I going to do at home? Just watch TV and eat.”

— Katherine Shaver

Snow falling on the Capitol

This is a lovely video capturing the snowfall around the U.S. Capitol:

Red Line delayed

Heading out late because you were trying to wait out this morning’s snow? Be prepared for headaches on Metro’s Red Line, with delays in both directions due to a signal issue near Judiciary Square.

Another band between 10 and 11 a.m.

What’s next in terms of snow? The Capital Weather Gang says we may see another burst between 10 and 11 a.m., but things will end between noon and 1 p.m.:

We’re already seeing the intensity of snow decrease, although it may pick up a bit (especially southern areas) as one more band to the southwest moves through between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. After 11:00 or 11:30 a.m., it will really taper, and end everywhere by between noon and 1 p.m. Given temperatures from 32-34 across the area (warmest in the city), generally less than 1″ additional accumulation is likely.

Storm delays dozens of flights

During the heart of the storm, almost 80 flights from the three major airports serving the region were delayed, my colleague Ashley Halsey III reports.

Additional delays and cancellations at Reagan National and Dulles International airports are likely through the morning, according to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which operates both airports.

Snow removal teams continue working at Dulles to clear runways, while planes are being de-iced before departure. But several regional flights are canceled through 2 p.m., MWAA warns.

At National, the ground remains wet and weather delays and cancellations are increasing for flights later in the morning and into the early afternoon.

Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport is also reporting multiple delays, with issues for flights heading to and from the airport. There were also some de-icing delays reported earlier this morning.

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