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Outlook’s Sixth-Annual Spring Cleaning

With spring weather finally here to stay, Outlook asked 10 writers to nominate something -- an idea, a tradition, a technology, a hashtag, anything -- we’re better off without. Here are their picks.

What else should we throw away? Enter your suggestions here or tweet #springcleaning ideas to @PostOutlook.

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Batkid rescues grateful San Francisco damsel, pursues Penguin

Batkid, right, runs with Batman after saving a damsel in distress in San Francisco. (Jeff Chiu / AP)

By day, he’s just a 5-year-old boy from Northern California. But when the city needs a hero, he becomes the Batkid.

And today is one of those days. The Riddler and the Penguin are terrorizing San Francisco, in a nefarious plot hatched by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The group has also converted two black Lamborghinis into Batmobiles to escort Batkid around the city as he battles the forces of evil. Along the way, he’ll be guided by dispatches from Police Chief Greg Suhr and cheered on by at least 12,000 grateful citizens.

“We have done other superhero wishes before at Make-A-Wish, and no city has embraced it like this one,” Patricia Wilson, the foundation’s director for the Bay Area, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Chronicle loaned out its presses for a special edition, the Gotham City Chronicle, with a front-page story by Clark Kent. (Reprints will be available in Saturday’s regular edition.) Batkid is also being aided in escapades by the San Francisco Giants, the municipal government, a social-media consultancy, and what seems like most of the city.

Batkid’s crime-fighting achievements are all the more impressive as the boy has been suffering from leukemia for almost all of his life. His cancer is now in remission, fortunately for him and his family -- and unfortunately for the villains who picked today to make mayhem.

Already Friday, he has rescued a damsel in distress who was strapped to an extremely mysterious device on the cable car tracks at Hyde Street, apprehended the Riddler during a bank heist, and stopped for lunch, since even superheroes have to eat.

As of this writing, he is rescuing San Francisco Giants mascot Lou Seal from the Penguin.

It won’t be easy. If Batkid emerges victorious, though, it’s widely expected that Mayor Lee will award him the keys to the city later this afternoon.

San Francisco’s hero arrived in the city Thursday, apparently unaware that his special abilities would be needed.

The true identity of the Batkid remains a mystery (as his parents asked the Chronicle that the family’s last name not be made public). Newspapers are calling him simply “Miles,” reporting that he is from somewhere in Siskiyou County, near the Oregon border. But that’s no surprise; the most remarkable superheroes hail from humble and unknown origins.

Batkid’s trainer had this to say to the San Jose Mercury News regarding the enigmatic vigilante’s two personalities: “He’s an excellent superhero because he’s a totally mild-mannered kid when the mask is off, but when he puts on the armored Batsuit, he’s uncontainable. He shines.”

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Gunshots reported at Los Angeles International Airport

(The latest: Follow our liveblog for updates)

Gunshots were reported at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday. Airport officials said shortly before 2 p.m. that a suspect was in custody and that there were multiple victims.

The airport said that there are “multiple victims,” and the Los Angeles Fire Department also reported a “multi-patient incident.” But it remained unclear how many people were injured.

The airport said that a “police incident” began at 9:30 a.m. local time in Terminal 3, which is home to Virgin America, Spirit, JetBlue and Frontier airlines.

A witness told the Associated Press that he heard “about a dozen gunshots.”

Bill Reiter, a columnist for Fox Sports, is at the airport and has been tweeting updates from the chaotic scene.

Reiter said that after he heard gunfire, there was a “stampede” of people running on the airport’s tarmac.

The Federal Aviation Administration has halted flights into the airport.

Videos taken at the airport show people, many holding luggage and checking their phones, gathered on the tarmac:

The Federal Aviation Administration requires that U.S. airports hold emergency exercises every three years to test how they will respond to a serious incident at an airport, including a plane crash or incident where there are a significant number of casualties.

The Los Angeles airport held its emergency drill in April.

Both Reagan National and Washington Dulles also held exercises this year. The incident in Los Angeles hasn’t affected flights into or out of either airport, said airport spokeswoman Kimberly Gibbs.

The Los Angeles Times posted this map showing where the gunfire was reported:

President Obama has been briefed on the incident by deputy White House chief of staff Alyssa Mastromonaco and will receive regular updates, White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters.

Carney said the Los Angeles Police Department is taking the lead right now, but added that “we’re obviously, at the federal level, in touch with law enforcement officials on the ground and the president will be updated as the afternoon progresses.”

This post has been updated.

Lori Aratani, Philip Rucker and T.J. Ortenzi contributed to this post.

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Mark your calendars for more budget drama

The budget resolution laid out a plan for keeping the government funded and the U.S. current on its bills -- for just a couple of months. PostTV’s Jackie Kucinich tells On Background’s Reid Wilson when the next round of budget negotiations begin.

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Video: Senator 'heard shots' near Capitol

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) says he heard shots outside the Capitol. A police officer was reported injured, according to authorities.

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