Growing panda cub gets first vaccination

October 23, 2013

The growing panda cub at the National Zoo got her first vaccination  Wednesday morning, the zoo announced. The zoo also released new photos of the cub, so obviously we’re going to have to post them.

(Abby Wood/Smithsonian’s National Zoo.)

The zoo also released additional information about the cub, which officials said is very healthy. She is nearly a pound heavier than she was last week, when the zoo reopened to the public following the government shutdown that shuttered the zoo and  the panda cam. And she has begun to crawl, something that should be fun for panda cam fans.

The cub is also looking more and more like an actual panda with each update, continuing something we saw with a video and photos released last month.

(Abby Wood/Smithsonian’s National Zoo.)

We could just keep posting these, but if you want to check out the rest of the images, head to the zoo’s Flickr page.

(Photo by Abby Wood/Smithsonian's National Zoo.)
(Abby Wood/Smithsonian’s National Zoo.)
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