A look at the medals to be handed out Tuesday at the London Olympics. 9 a.m. (streaming): Shooting, men’s skeet final. 10 a.m.: Diving, women’s synchronized 10-meter platform. 10:06 a.m. (NBC): Canoe, men’s single. 10:30 a.m.: Weightlifting, women’s 63kg. 11 a.m. (streaming): Judo, women’s 63kg, men’s 81kg. 11:30 a.m. (streaming): Gymnastics, women’s team final. 2 […]

Sir Roger Bannister, the first man to break the four-minute mile barrier and one of Britain’s most celebrated athletes, returned a call The Post made last week prior to the Opening Ceremonies of the London Games. Bannister, 83, was featured in my “Chariots of Fire” piece and my Opening Ceremonies column. There was speculation that […]

Michel Morganella, a soccer player for Switzerland, has been expelled from the Olympics for posting, on Twitter, “an offensive and threatening message aimed at South Korean people after the Swiss team lost 2-1 to South Korea on Sunday,” the Associated Press reports. Morganella, a 23-year-old defender, is the second athlete to be removed from the […]

London police insist there was no security breach at Wembley Stadium, even though they seem to have misplaced a set of keys used on searches at the stadium. Says the Associated Press: “Organizers of the London Olympics stressed that relevant locks have been changed and there was no security breach.”

A look at the medals that will be handed out Monday. 9 a.m.-11:10 a.m.: Judo, women’s 57-kg, men’s 73-kg medal matches. 10 a.m.: Diving, men’s synchronized 10-meter platform. 10:30 a.m.: Weightlifting, women’s 58 kg/128 lbs. 11:30 a.m.: Gymnastics, men’s team final. 2 p.m.: Weightlifting, men’s 62 kg/137 lbs. 2:10 p.m.: Fencing, women’s individual epee, bronze […]

Amid widespread criticism, London organizers have pledged to give free tickets to troops and students to fill empty seats at Olympic venues.