VIDEO: Yes, there is an Olympics for animals

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Athletes love their tape, but does it work?

If you’ve been watching the London Games, you’ve probably seen enough athletic tape to cover the British Isles. Red, green, blue, neon yellow, magenta – it comes in all colors and athletes are plastering it all over their bodies. But the tape – called kinesiology tape – isn’t 100 percent doctor approved.

National zoo cheetahs take on familiar names

Back in April, the National Zoo welcomed a pair of cheetah cubs, born at the zoo’s facility in Front Royal. But until this week, they did not have names. Now, with the completion of the men’s and women’s 100-meter races at the Olympics, they do: Carmelita and Justin. The female cub is named after Carmelita […]

VIDEO: National Geographic makes bold claim

National Geographic has video of a cheetah finishing the 100 meters in a record 5.95 seconds. Your move, Usain Bolt.

Boris Johnson’s zipper

As we discussed earlier, London Mayor Boris Johnson is a great promoter of his hometown games, and now he has achieved a whole new stature by becoming stuck on a zip line above Victoria Park while clutching two Union Jack flags. Johnson makes news almost daily, from claiming that Englishmen invented ping pong to extolling […]