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Posted at 09:31 AM ET, 02/24/2012

DeMorning Links: Kwamemobiles, one year later

Brown's erstwhile Navigator, as photographed on Feb. 18, 2011. (Bill O'Leary - The Washington Post)
One year after the words “Kwame Brown” and “Lincoln Navigator” became inextricably linked, Alan Suderman offers an update over at Loose Lips. One of two vehicle leases remains unsettled, and the D.C. Council chairman appears not to have followed through just yet on a promise to reimburse the District for the cost of using one luxury SUV for two months early last year — not, mind you, for the full cost of the two Navigators ordered for him, somewhere north of $30,000.

In other news:

Should the D.C. government get to do its own charter schools again? (Post, Examiner)

Vincent Gray on the lottery contract: Adrian Fenty made a hash of it, not me (Post letter)

D.C. public housing chief: “Someone who applies today for a voucher isn’t going to get one. It’s just not going to happen.” (Housing Complex)

DOOM: “Careless City Cyclists Rule Road In Rogue Fashion” (WUSA-TV)

Today at noon: Marion Barry does the Politics Hour (WAMU-FM)

Victim’s mother testifies in South Capitol Street murder trial (Post)

Phil Mendelson to Kaya Henderson: Where’s the dang truancy monitoring report? (WaTimes)

Ward 8 council candidate appears to have plagiarized Obama fund-raising e-mail (@DaveStroup)

Metro board officially votes to probe Jim Graham’s doings on land deal (Examiner)

How the D.C. government is trying to help the long-term unemployed (Businessweek)

More on the bicycle track planned for Buzzard Point (Post)

On “churn and burn” among the DCPS teaching corps (G.F. Brandenburg)

Elections board hasn’t yet figured out how to pay for Ward 5 special election (Examiner)

Peter Rosenstein, voice of civility (Dish)

Does stocking pro-drug books invite police raids? (DCist)

Fox News takes notice of Emily Miller and her gun (Fox News)

Brightwood ANC member faces recall (Informer)

More traffic cameras, please (GGW)

Gun case fee dispute heads to appeals court (Legal Times)

Metro GM won’t take bonus (Examiner)

Oversight committee sees progress in Metro safety (Post)

”I’ll just check with the boys down at the crime lab. ... They got us working in shifts!” (WAMU-FM)

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