Parking freedom comes early this year

October 29, 2012

No more street sweeping means you have to worry about fewer of these. (Amanda Voisard/The Washington Post)

For most folks, Halloween’s the reason you celebrate on Oct. 31. For many car-owning D.C. residents, you also celebrate because it’s Parking Freedom Day — the day when the Department of Public Works halts street sweeping operations for the winter, meaning no alternate-side parking restrictions till things start back up in the spring.

And, because of Hurricane Sandy, Parking Freedom Day came early this year.

DPW spokeswoman Linda Grant says that street-sweeping parking restrictions are suspended through Wednesday, meaning they are in fact suspended through March 1.

Also, parking enforcement will continue to be suspended Tuesday: “No meters, no residential, no rush hour,” Grant said.

The downside: No trash or recycling pickup Tuesday, either. If you get once-a-week trash pickup, you’ll have to keep stuffing your Supercan till next week. If you have twice weekly (Tuesday/Thursday) pickup, expect to see your friendly neighborhood refuse technician later this week. 

Mike DeBonis covers local politics and government for The Washington Post. He also writes a blog and a political analysis column that runs on Fridays.
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Mike DeBonis · October 29, 2012