‘Put it on, put it on,’ urges D.C. condom commercial

The D.C. Department of Health — the folks who brought you the news that “fake weed” will turn you into a zombie, among other public-service messages — is taking to the airwaves to tell D.C. residents to use more condoms.

The 30- and 60-second ads, which started airing on cable television networks this week, feature a group of young, multicultural couples engaging in an evening of upscale merriment — stretch Escalade, popped bottles, the Park at 14th — followed by some intimate encounters and discreet glimpses of prophylactics.

The ads are part of the health department’s ongoing “Rubber Revolution” campaign, urging more condom use in a city where HIV infection rates remain at epidemic levels. The department has long offered free condoms directly and through a network of businesses and community groups.

Mike DeBonis covers Congress and national politics for The Washington Post. He previously covered D.C. politics and government from 2007 to 2015.
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