Report: D.C. region’s unfunded infrastructure needs total $58 billion

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments study examines next 15 years of spending needs.

D.C. coalition emerges to oppose Exelon-Pepco merger

As regulators dig in, 'Power D.C.' says $6.8B deal is bad for the District.

Pepco’s power is 5 percent renewable. You can do better.

Third-party suppliers offer greener, more expensive options.

Are D.C. bins getting trashed?

Evidence mounts that old garbage bins aren't getting recycled as promised.

A Supercan saga

Now residents are complaining that city crews are overzealously plucking their trash bins from streets and alleys.

Plan to bury D.C. power lines remains sketchy

District and Pepco officials remain upbeat, but still no answers on which neighborhoods can expect relief.

A billion dollars to bury the power lines

Mayor Vincent C. Gray's power line burial task force is finally out with recommendations: Spend up to $1 billion to bury the 60 most troublesome "feeder" lines.

Eleanor Holmes Norton suggests feds should pay for Bloomingdale flooding fix

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton has asked President Obama to include $40 million in next budget for D.C. flooding relief.

Allen Lew will chair D.C. Water board

Amid the big announcement of a Bloomingdale flood relief plan comes other major news for the $400 million-a-year city's water and sewer utility.

Should all D.C. residents pay to make Bloomingdale flooding victims whole?

Council set to establish million-dollar fund to reimburse homeowners for damage.

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