Russia – perhaps more restrained and less powerful than you think?

Russia may be both weaker and more restrained than current media coverage makes it out to be, as episodes in Estonia and Georgia suggest.

A bold new Arab vision…for 2009

This weekend's Arab League Summit promised a new era of Arab cooperation. Don't count on it.

Social media helps dictators, not just protesters

Censorship was just the beginning. Now autocrats are starting to actively use social media to strengthen their rule.

Wiki surveys

A new kind of online survey involves respondents into the survey process.

Why technical breakdowns in the Nigerian election raise questions about monitoring

Research shows the presence of an election monitor can reduce the chance that voting technology will be reported as having failed.

Public Image Ltd, ‘Fat Chance Hotel’: The Week In One Song

Ted Cruz's quixotic presidential run.

The Islamic State, Boko Haram and the evolution of international jihad

The mutual influence between the Islamic State and Boko Haram is transforming insurgency tactics.

Are elections straining Burundi’s fragile peace?

Burundi’s elections are only a few months away, but signs of stress on the country's fragile peace are increasing.

Clinton scandals may have defeated one presidential candidate. Could they do it again?

The 2000 election has some interesting lessons for 2016.

Bipartisan Doc-fix passes the House: How did polarized parties do it?

Closing the doors -- and other strategic moves -- made knitting a win-win deal possible

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