The power of soft power in Kazakhstan

In a free-of-any-surprise re-election, Nursultan Nazarbayev has been reelected Kazakhstan’s president. The man, in power since 25 years, is a champion of soft power, both on the international scene, and domestically.

The Tamlins, ‘Baltimore': The Week in One Song

Baltimore explodes.

Some Supreme Court Justices worry that a gay marriage ruling will provoke public backlash. They shouldn’t be concerned.

New research shows no evidence that rulings on gay marriage produce public backlash, even among Evangelical Christians and conservatives.

  • Benjamin C. Bishin, Thomas J. Hayes, Matthew B. Incantalupo, Charles Anthony Smith
  • ·
  • 2 days ago



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Baltimore is not Ferguson

Despite obvious similarities on the surface, digging deeper into the politics of Baltimore and Ferguson reveals important differences as well.

  • Stephen Deets
  • ·
  • Protests
  • ·
  • 3 days ago

Does getting Internet access make people better citizens? Maybe not.

New research shows that gaining access to the Internet doesn't increase interest in politics.

  • Sean Richey, Junyan Zhu
  • ·
  • 3 days ago

Here’s one way marriage equality is no longer like Loving or Roe

Loving and Roe were counter-majoritarian opinions. Expanding marriage rights to gays and lesbians wouldn't be.

The solution to lobbying is more lobbying

We can't eliminate our system of lobbyists, only re-balance it.

  • Lee Drutman
  • ·
  • 4 days ago

Where acceptance of homosexuality has and has not changed around the world

Compared with many other countries, public opinion toward homosexuality hasn't changed all that rapidly in the United States.

Using opinion surveys to monitor the U.N.’s sustainable development goals

How public opinion surveys can provide valuable data to evaluate progress on the sustainable development goals

  • Pippa Norris
  • ·
  • 4 days ago

What explains Burundi’s protests?

Violent demonstrations erupted in Burundi against the president’s announced candidacy for a third term. What should the international community do as Burundi’s electoral season continues?

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