The Greek referendum: Economics, politics and international relations all rolled into one terribly worded question. Beware easy interpretations of the results!

New data shows how evangelicals may believe that presidents should resist Supreme Court decisions.

The logic of the argument is that if parties want to win elections, they will back more moderate candidates, so giving them more power will bring more centrist politics. But does this really hold up?

Two new parties--one of which grew from the "indignados" protest movement--shake the power of Spain's two biggest parties.

Why is the Republican Party still fighting LGBT rights, which puts it out of step with not just voters in America, but other right-of-center parties in established developed world democracies?

Using Twitter's little bird to figure out which candidates are most liberal and conservative.

Since the AKP failed to win a majority in this week's Turkish elections, forming a government will be complicated.

There's a big opinion gap between party elites and the general public on what to do in the Middle East.

Gains at the polls for the pro-Kurdish HDP in Turkey's parliamentary elections signal a decline for President Erdogan and the ruling AKP.

Clinton's slide is evident even in her own party.

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