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How economics is like 1950s Freudian psychology

An economist attributes his field's worldly success to technological prowess. But I'm not so sure.

Can greater transparency lead to better social science?

We are putting transparency to the test in a leading political science journal.

  • Tom Pepinsky, Edmund J. Malesky, Nathan Jensen, Mike Findley
  • ·
  • Sep 24, 2014
  • ·

Ukraine and ISIS are not justifications of a ‘clash of civilizations’

Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” thesis is no more relevant in the modern context of Ukraine and ISIS than it was previously.

  • Mark Lawrence Schrad
  • ·
  • Sep 22, 2014
  • ·

The opportunities and challenges of online open-access publishing

A new journal publishes short academic articles available for free to everyone. Here are some of the challenges in making this work.

Why scientific research needs both public and private support

By working together, government and philanthropies can put scientific research on firmer footing.

  • John Aldrich
  • ·
  • Mar 20, 2014
  • ·

Sharing qualitative data: the launch of the Qualitative Data Repository

The Qualitative Data Repository aims to increase the transparency and reproducibility of qualitative research.

  • Colin Elman and Diana Kapiszewski
  • ·
  • Feb 25, 2014
  • ·

Dear Nicholas Kristof: We are right here!

Nicholas Kristof thinks academic political scientists have made themselves irrelevant. I happen to disagree.

Another ill-conceived attempt at regulating academic blogging

The International Studies Associations wants it editorial teams to give up their personal blogs

Where to debunk (political) science findings?

Even if you discover that a published finding is wrong, publishing a correction is not that straightforward nor always appreciated.

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