Wishing away the world without the West

Chinese initiatives constitute a strategic effort to create an alternative set of ideas, institutions and rules that are aligned with a Chinese vision of how political economy and state power come together.

By Naazneen Barma, Ely Ratner and Steve Weber November 19, 2014

How Jordan’s protest movement mattered

Did the Arab Spring pass Jordan by? Not exactly. A new study explains how activists in Jordan get the regime to listen up – and sometimes give in.

By Dana M. Moss October 27, 2014

Corruption and a changing China

The Chinese Communist Party is centralizing authority, broadcasting the self-criticisms of local officials and calling for a new morality in public life.

Dictators lie about economic growth

A lot of research suggests that dictatorships see faster economic growth than democracies. However, the differences may be exaggerated by dictatorships' penchant for lying about how fast they are growing.

How ‘rogue’ is China’s aid?

China is hardly unique in shaping its foreign policy around natural resource needs.

By Cullen S. Hendrix and Marcus Noland June 10, 2014