How the myth of messaging gets politicians into trouble

Did a false faith in messaging extend the government shutdown?

The week in one song: ‘Down in Flames’

...goes the shutdown gambit.

In their own words, ‘Yes’ Republicans look more like Democrats than ‘No’ Republicans

Tweets by Republican members of Congress who voted for the resolution to reopen the government and increase the debt ceiling look more like tweets from Democrats than they do tweets from Republicans voting against the bill.

Republicans were for the shutdown deal before they voted against it

Even in a Crisis, some Members of Congress have it both ways.

Boehner vs. Gingrich

The Republicans are a LOT more conservative now than they were during the last shutdown

The week in one song: “White Flag”

How the standoff will end?

Soaps, sherry, and the shutdown

According to Google searches, furloughed workers are watching soaps, drinking sherry, and looking for jobs in the private sector.

The mythical moderates?

Why aren't moderate Republicans moving to end the shutdown?

Why compromise is more likely in the Senate than the House, in two simple pictures

Even in their tweets, members of the Senate reveal that they are more similar across party lines than members of the House.

The week in one song: “Grinding Halt”

Pure pop for furloughed people.

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