The resurgence of Arab militaries

The Arab uprisings and reactions to them have resulted in a profound militarization of the Arab world.

By Robert Springborg December 5, 2014

Arab autocrats are not going back to the future

The Arab world's autocrats are moving beyond the authoritarian bargains and authoritarian compromises of earlier eras, toward repressive-exclusionary systems of rule.

By Steven Heydemann December 4, 2014

In defense of U.S. funding for area studies

Political attacks on Title VI funding for Middle East Studies are a ritual, which has rarely made significant inroads. But several trends make this year’s attacks more worrying.

By Nathan J. Brown October 30, 2014

Islamists and their charities

A recent wave of scholarship has challenged many of the prevailing assumptions about the nature and significance of these social services.

Schadenfreude in Gaza

The psychology of intergroup conflict explains how we can restore empathy toward bitter enemies.

By Jay Van Bavel and Mina Cikara August 27, 2014

Explaining the Arab uprisings

It has become fashionable to dismiss the significance of the 2011 Arab uprisings, given how badly most have turned out. But, the moment of mobilization was extraordinary on its own terms.