Davey Johnson vs. Mike Matheny

Citing Elias, Jayson Stark noted on Sunday that “the Davey Johnson-Mike Matheny age gap (27 yrs, 235 days) will be largest ever between postseason managers in a series.”

Which reminded me that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote a lengthy Johnson-Matheny story in Sunday’s papers.

“I just don’t see this as a me against him,” Matheny told the paper. “I see it as our team and I’ve got a responsibility and I want to do my responsibility well. The question has come up a lot about you against him and wanting to be one step ahead of him. I just want to do what’s best for my guys. That’s where I am now. I can certainly see with all the years a manager like Davey has under his belt how those experiences can help him make decisions. I get that. But I operate from what I know. I try to get help about what I don’t know and keep my mind on what these guys need to do.”

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