Rick Eckstein says Nats have had good at-bats

The Nats bats remained silent through five innings, but hitting coach Rick Eckstein said he was ok with his club’s approach.

“Our at-bats have been fine,” Eckstein said during a fifth-inning interview with TBS’s broadcast crew. “We’ve lined out a couple times hard. Kyle Lohse is doing a great job mixing and changing speeds, using both sides of the plate. But we have a challenge in front of us, and we’re up for it.”

Then  Bob Brenly asked how Eckstein could get his players to trust themselves in this pressure.

“You just said it, it’s what we’ve done all year,” Eckstein said. “You’ve got to rely on what you’ve done all year and trust it. And when you get in the box in this type of environment, you’ve got to learn to control the moment. All the hype and everything that’s going on needs to be pushed away, and you need to really concentrate on winning that moment.”

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