Denard Span

Nationals describe the scary moment when Bryce Harper lay injured Thursday night.

The Nationals center fielder hopes tomorrow is the day his right knee feels good enough to let him return to the lineup.

The Nationals center fielder and leadoff man left Sunday's game after his right patella tendon, injured in Chicago, flared up.

The Nationals center fielder is hitting as frequently as he did last season, but harder than ever.

After the center fielder had soreness around where he had core muscle surgery on the left side of his abdomen, the Nationals are being cautious.

So far, the Nationals' center fielder has yet to steal a base since returning from his injury.

The Nationals projected starting outfield will play today for the first time all season, as their center fielder returns from the disabled list.

The Nationals projected starting center fielder should return soon, which poses questions about what happens to the rookie who has been filling in for him.

The Nationals center fielder could be back within a week.

The Nationals center fielder will begin playing in minor league games today.

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