In the final installment of our five-part series, we take stock of the Nationals' catchers.

Both areas were weaknesses last season, and before that, and the Nationals have so far been better this year.

The veteran backup catcher was reassigned to minor league camp on Monday morning.

Also, Doug Fister will throw in a minor league game on Monday.

Some of the team's catchers were fuzzy on the rules so bench coach Randy Knorr led a demonstration.

The catcher hit the scoreboard beyond left field – perhaps 450-foot homers – during batting practice.

Hill, a veteran catcher, has struggled to hit in the majors but is added at minimal risk for further catching depth.

The veteran catcher was with the Nationals in spring training last year.

Davey Johnson wants both of his catchers to feel more like everyday players, regardless of who's on the mound.

How bench coach Randy Knorr has worked with both Kurt Suzuki and Wilson Ramos to stay fresh.

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