Washington Nationals payroll: a closer look

The new deal with Max Scherzer might have bumped Washington into the top five spending teams in baseball. Here's a breakdown.

Mike Rizzo on the Nationals payroll

Washington GM says there are "no restrictions" and "nothing off the table."

A look at the Nationals’ payroll

With raises coming to many players under contract, the Nationals' payroll will rise in 2014.

A look at the Nationals’ payroll and their options

The Nationals may have another move left, but it would add to a payroll that's already more than $125 million.

Nationals’ 2013 average salary jumped to $4.1 million

The Nationals average salary jumped from $2.8 million in 2012 to $4.1 million in 2013.

Looking at the Nationals’ 2014 payroll

An early examination of the Nationals' financials commitments next season.

Looking at the Nationals’ 2013 payroll

Some way or another, the Nationals seem likely to push past a $100 million payroll this winter for the first time.