Nationals hand out playoff shares

The Nationals split over $2 million into 58 full shares, each worth over $29,400.

Giants scout Steve Balboni saw Nationals as ‘best team in baseball’

After Steve Balboni scouted the Nationals for the Giants, he viewed them as the most complete team in the playoffs.

Yadier Molina admits his base running could have ended Game 5

Yadier Molina explains the potential base-running gaffe the Nationals let him get away with.

Nationals hand out playoff shares

For making the National League Division Series, the Nationals received $2,124,312.75 million from the players’ pool generated by playoff gate receipts.

How teams with the best record have fared the next season

Historically, teams with the best record one season do well the next season. Most returned to the playoffs the following year.

Nationals will face Cardinals in NLDS after protested call helps knock out Braves

The Nationals will begin Washington’s first major league postseason in 79 years in St. Louis against the defending World Series champion.

Las Vegas oddsmakers have Nationals among the favorites to win the World Series

The Nationals are considered among the favorites to win the World Series; the New York Yankees are favored.

The two umpires who ejected Davey Johnson this decade are working the Nationals’ NLDS

The only umps to eject the Nationals' manager in the past 12 years are working the Nationals' first-round playoff series.

First two Nationals playoff game times announced

The Nationals will play either the Braves or Cardinals on Sunday afternoon and on Monday afternoon.

Nationals earn NL’s top seed with 5-1 win over Phillies, will face winner of Braves-Cardinals

The Nationals secured the top seed in the NL playoffs and will face the winner of the one game wildcard.

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