Randy Knorr on managing the Nationals in the playoffs after Matt Williams’s ejection

The bench coach managed the final eight-plus innings of NLDS Game 2 after Williams was tossed in the 10th inning.

Randy Knorr on his visit to Arizona to hang out with Matt Williams

The bench coach spent four days in Arizona with Williams so the two could get to know each other better.

Randy Knorr will return to Nationals as Matt Williams’s bench coach

Randy Knorr, the players' choice to succeed Davey Johnson, will remain on board and serve as Matt Williams's bench coach.

Nationals interviewed Randy Knorr for managerial position

Randy Knorr, considered the top in-house candidate to replace Davey Johnson, interviewed with the Nationals late last week.

Randy Knorr explains his ejection, dislike of warnings after a batter is hit

The Nationals' bench coach was angry on Thursday after Ian Desmond was plunked and the umpire warned the benches.

Davey Johnson on the decision to hook Rafael Soriano

The Nationals manager deferred to Knorr and his decision-making.

Randy Knorr pulls Rafael Soriano

Randy Knorr doesn't let Rafael Soriano finish the ninth inning: "If you don’t want to be in that mode to shut the game down, I’ll bring somebody else in."

Nationals bench coach Randy Knorr on not walking Pete Kozma, shutting down Stephen Strasburg

In an interview earlier this week with a Canadian radio station, bench coach Randy Knorr said he asked Davey Johnson in the moment if he wanted to walk Pete Kozma.