An unusual new policy for working mothers

For the first six months after maternity leave, new mothers at Vodafone will be able to work part time but continue to earn their full salaries.

Is Hillary Clinton’s challenge that she’s been set up for failure, or for success?

We may need a new metaphor to describe the situation Clinton faces now.

Mark Zuckerberg’s hiring secret

The Facebook CEO said he always poses one simple question to himself when hiring someone new.

Millennials make ideal public servants

And there's a lot we can be doing to maximize their time in government.

  • Tom Fox
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  • 1 day ago

Civil rights leadership 50 years after Selma

The head of talks about how the way we join movements has changed since 'Bloody Sunday.'

After getting a raise, the glow fades fast

Many people who get merit increases don't feel more valued after receiving one.

When shareholders want to talk about pay equality, but companies don’t

Wal-Mart, eBay and Exxon have each been hit with proposals to publicly disclose gender pay disparities.

The leadership wisdom of Warren Buffett

Buffett’s 50th anniversary letter to shareholders didn’t disappoint.

Podcast: Stewart Thornhill on entrepreneurship

This week's conversation is with the head of the University of Michigan's entrepreneurship institute.

Keeping watch over Health and Human Services

Inspector General Daniel Levinson talks about the lessons he's learned in a decade on the job.

  • Tom Fox
  • ·
  • Feb 26, 2015
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