Podcast: Christine Lagarde on leadership

LISTEN: A conversation with IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde

Welcome to the first installment of our On Leadership podcast!

We'll be releasing a new episode each week, and we're kicking off the series with this conversation with Christine Lagarde. We have been publishing leadership videos, as well as extended text Q&As, for a while now. So it's about time we share these interesting conversations in audio form.

Just as with our print and video interviews, the idea is to talk with interesting and influential people about how they got where they are, what traits and experiences have most shaped their character, and what leadership means to them.

Often our weekly podcast will feature the same interviewee who appears in that week's video series, but who knows? We might spice it up a bit. If you have any feedback about the series, or ideas for folks you would like us to interview, definitely get in touch.

Now, back to Christine Lagarde: If you would like to watch the video story or read the full transcript of our conversation with the International Monetary Fund's managing director, you can click here. Otherwise, listen above (and soon on iTunes) to the podcast — in which she talks about her main goal for the IMF, her theory that women are put in leadership positions when the situation gets tough, her advice for feeling self-confident, and the words of wisdom that have stuck with her since childhood.


Stay tuned for a new On Leadership podcast next week. 

Lillian Cunningham is the editor and feature writer for The Washington Post's 'On Leadership' section.
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