Keep Austin weird — but not this weird

A tone-deaf training session held by the city helped staff "deal with" the new female-majority council.

DuPont reaches the end of its long fight with investor

The company won in its contest against Nelson Peltz, the activist investor on a months-long quest to gain board seats.

Going back to work while grieving

At many companies, bereavement leave is one of the less visible policies. Some in Congress want to make sure every employer offers it.

At Zappos, 210 employees decide to leave rather than work with ‘no bosses’

About 14 percent of the company decided to take Zappos up on its offer to leave with severance if they didn't like the new approach.

A young engineer asked for career advice online. Big mistake.

Should you take a job at Uber or Zenefits? Don't ask the Internet.

Carly Fiorina’s history of self-promotion

Running for president may be her ultimate marketing test.

Cisco names John Chambers’s successor

One of the longest-tenured CEOs in Silicon Valley is passing the torch.

Warren Buffett has served nearly 40 years longer than average CEO

The average chief executive's tenure today is about a fifth as long as Buffett's.

The woman leading the Maryland National Guard

Linda Singh dropped out of high school and spent stretches of her youth homeless.

Salesforce CEO combs through 16,000 workers’ salaries to make sure women are paid fairly

Marc Benioff has already given some women raises, after finding differences in their pay.

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