A year after Ikea announced it would be boosting its pay for employees, the company is doing so again.

Here's a roundup of prominent responses to Pope Francis.

“You can’t give yourself goosebumps, because it needs to come from the heart.”

"Beer is the new coffee"—and other ways companies are rethinking what the next era of the workplace looks like.

Dick Costolo's former life as an improv comedian shone through as he resigned from the CEO spot.

The role has been disappearing rapidly among Fortune 500 companies. But why?

No piercings? No denim? Many companies are starting to realize that hyper-strict dress codes are out of style.

Increasingly, workers with wanderlust have an array of options.

Google's updated diversity numbers show only slight growth in the percentage of women in tech jobs and leadership roles.

There's something in the entrepreneurial psyche that prompts founders who get pushed out to try again.

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