Why Starbucks chief Howard Schultz put himself at the center of America’s race debate

Taking social stands has elevated his profile, but it's also proven to be a shrewd business tactic.

More companies are going virtual for their annual shareholder meetings

And it's prompting some shareholders to wonder about the ramifications.

When companies know more but say less about their gender gap

Companies have more and more data on gender barriers in their organizations, but few are ready to talk about what they've found.

At Apple’s shareholder meeting, Jesse Jackson praises Tim Cook

The civil rights leader calls the tech juggernaut's moves to invest in diversity "a burst of light in a very dark period."

What does Clinton’s ‘No Ceilings’ report actually have to say about the status of women in leadership?

The sweeping data set paints a unsettling picture of the gap that continues to exist between men and women in leadership roles.

An unusual new policy for working mothers

For the first six months after maternity leave, new mothers at Vodafone will be able to work part time but continue to earn their full salaries.

When shareholders want to talk about pay equality, but companies don’t

Wal-Mart, eBay and Exxon have each been hit with proposals to publicly disclose gender pay disparities.

The leadership wisdom of Warren Buffett

Buffett’s 50th anniversary letter to shareholders didn’t disappoint.

Honda’s leader will be replaced by a ‘leapfrog’ CEO

While the timing of the news was unexpected, perhaps even more surprising was the man chosen to take over.

The Wal-Mart CEO who’s giving raises to 500,000 workers

Doug McMillon is making a big change as the retailer's CEO.

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