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Posted at 05:51 PM ET, 03/22/2011

Happy Hour Roundup

* Massimo Calabresi on why Obama needs to aggressively sell the idea behind the Libya mission, i.e., the virtue of humanitarian interventionism.

* Reality check of the day: Good read from Eugene Robinson, who skewers the inconsistencies in our Libya policy by pointing out that we’re not targeting the blood-thirsty dictators we view as “friendly, cooperative and useful.”

* Relatedly, Glenn Greenwald debunks the “manipulative” pro-war argument that if you raise concerns about Libya, you don’t care about Libyan civilians.

* Key point from John Dickerson: The 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls are unlikely to gain anything politically from their criticism of Obama on Libya, because none of them has any foreign policy credibility to speak of.

* The Libya price tag: Maintaining the no fly zone alone will cost some $30 million to $100 million per week.

* Senator Scott Brown comes out against funding cuts to Planned Parenthood, which could ratchet up pressure on House Republicans to drop their crusade in order to reach a budget deal with Dems.

* Important read from David Roberts on how Senator Jeff Bingaman gave voice to a truth about gas prices and oil that many “centrist” Dems simply won’t tell their constituents:

“We become less vulnerable by using less oil.”

* Fact-check of the day: The Post’s Glenn Kessler knocks down the conservative claim that the administration’s granting of waivers on the health reform law shows favortism to unions.

* The DCCC is attacking Republicans for mulling cuts to Social Security, but we don’t even know yet how hard a line Dems themselves will draw against said cuts.

* Rand Paul — not Ron Paul, but his son, Rand — appears to be seriously mulling a run for president.

* A new poll of 50 battleground districts by the Dem firm Democracy Corps finds that GOP control of the House is very much in play in 2012, though there’s a long, long way to go until election day.

* DADT dead-ender watch: Will calling for the reinstatement of don’t ask don’t tell become a litmus test issue in the 2012 GOP primary?

* Interesting point from Atrios on why many reporters aren’t really all that liberal.

* And REGIME CHANGE NOW!!! John McCain calls on Obama to oust Gaddafi, because he has “American blood on his hands,” apparently forgetting that a Senator named John McCain worked to improve relations with Gaddafi less than two short years ago.

What else is happening?

By  |  05:51 PM ET, 03/22/2011

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