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Posted at 06:40 PM ET, 03/18/2011

Happy Hour Roundup

* Massimo Calabresi on why Obama’s case today for threatening military action in Libya is “shockingly opaque, contradictory, and incomplete.”

* Richard Lugar says we need a formal Congressional declaration of war.

* Obama’s foreign policy doctrine is evolving in the direction of liberal internationalist interventionism.

* Eric Kleefeld has everything you need to know about today’s restraining order on Scott Walker’s union-busting proposal.

* Another great thing about Scott Walker: Before he came to power, Wisconsin had made more headway in implementing health reform than perhaps any other state. No longer.

* How did we get to the point where Kindergarten teachers are a threat to the American way of life?

* Bipartisanship fetishists swoon with ecstasy as 64 senators — divided exactly between Republicans and Dems! — send a letter to Obama demanding he lead bipartisan talks on the deficit and debt.

* Mitt Romney keeps taking fire from the right as Mike Huckabee slams Romneycare as his “Achilles heel.”

* Good line from Steve Benen, on conservatives who endorsed Romney last time and suddenly have turned on him over Romneycare:

Either these folks (a) endorsed Romney without looking at his sole accomplishment; or (b) they need to admit that a policy they liked in 2008 is an example of radical liberalism in 2011.

* A funny line on Romney from Jonathan Cohn: “Oh, and just for the record, the Romney reforms have worked pretty well. Romney really should be proud.”

As if this is now a mere afterthought, or suddenly irrelevent! Well, maybe it is.

* Harry Reid draws a hard line against the House GOP assault on Planned Parenthood, increasing the chance of a government shutdown.

* The Congressional Budget Office says Obama’s budget will do far less to rein in deficits than predicted.

* The White House challenges CBO’s interpretation.

* Justin Elliott surveys experts and brings you the full range of possibilities on just how bad it can get in Japan.

* And India has a lamestream media , too.

By  |  06:40 PM ET, 03/18/2011

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