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Posted at 07:08 PM ET, 04/27/2011

Happy Hour Roundup

* Harry Reid vows to hold a vote not just on the Paul Ryan plan, but also on ending tax breaks for oil companies, signaling a tougher, more unified posture agaist the GOP from the White House and Senate Dems.

* Jon Chait deconstructs Ryan’s very cleverly done talking points.

* A fascinating read from Anne Kornblut getting inside Obama’s thinking and what led him to finally release his long-form birth certificate.

* Fun point from Steve Benen: When Obama said today that “we do not have time for this kind of silliness,” he was talking to reporters.

* Relatedly, the question of the day, from David Weigel:

In the seven years and four months of George W. Bush’s presidency after 9/11, how many times did reporters ask “9/11 Truth” questions in White House briefings? How many times did they ask it of the president himself?

* Geat stuff from Jason Linkins on how reporters need to start subject ing Trump to the same scrutiny he demanded from Obama and stop playing along with his carnival act.

* Michael Scherer on how birtherism isn’t about Obama’s birthplace; it’s about fear and loathing of American decline and demographic change.

* Markos Moulitsas on why releasing the birth certificate was brilliant politics:

Let’s face it, this is a huge loser for the GOP. What better way to show how out-of-touch and irrational Republicans are, than to rub this in their faces.

* Obama’s secret plot to hoodwink defenseless conservatives into becoming birthers and making themselves look like paranoid lunatics was fiendishly clever indeed.

* The head of the conservative 60 Plus Association struggles mightly to justify his mega flip-flop from demagoguing against Dems over Medicare cuts to supporting Paul Ryan’s plan to end the program as we know it.

* Quoting Benen again, on my concept of a “Beltway deficit feedback loop”:

Washington is stuck in the wrong conversation, but it’s the only one anyone’s actually hearing.

* And no end to the hucksterism as Trump says he’s now recalling his investigators from Hawaii — investigators we can’t be sure ever were sent there in the first place.

What else is happening?

By  |  07:08 PM ET, 04/27/2011

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