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Posted at 06:38 PM ET, 05/31/2011

Happy Hour Roundup

* Silly Sam Stein thinks a huge Latino demographic shift that could have political ramifications for decades is a more important story than Sarah Palin’s bus tour or Anthony Weiner’s Twitter-feed-pic of an underwear bulge.

* Nate Silver on the “mounting evidence” that Ryancare is a serious problem for Republicans — particularly when voters are presented with the arguments about it the parties will make for the next 18 months.

* Very good catch by Jed Lewison explaining why Dems should not vote tonight for the debt ceiling hike without spending cuts, even though that’s the vote they initially sought.

* Another Big Government-loving 2012 GOPer! Jon Huntsman had no problem with the individual mandate in 2007.

* It’s yet another mark of how uncontroversial the mandate was among conservatives before Obama persuaded them it’s actually tyranny.

* Andrew Sullivan catches the key number explaining Obama’s jump in the new CNN poll: It’s largely driven by his rise among seniors.

* Brad Plumer on why Chris Christie’s incoherent decision to pull out of a modest states-based cap and trade program could have global importance.

* Gallup finds that Newt is dropping like a rock — and, more interestingly, that Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann earn the highest Positive Intensity Scores among Republicans.

* Amusing: David Frum notes that Sarah Palin’s latest attack on Obama inadvertently insulted the Israeli Defense Forces.

* As respected CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin says, it’s too bad CNN invited Andrew Breitbart on to traffic in “outrageous” speculation about the underwear bulge.

* Weiner clams up: He’s done talking about the underwear bulge, which will only arouse the media’s interest in the story.

* Digby on what Palin’s bus tour and Breitbart’s Weinergate teach us: They both grasp the true nature of our tabloid political press.

* And perhaps media figures who don’t like being treated as “paparazzi” by Palin’s bus tour should just stop following Palin’s bus tour.

What else is happening?

By  |  06:38 PM ET, 05/31/2011

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