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Posted at 06:23 PM ET, 02/09/2012

Happy Hour Roundup

* Is a path to a brokered convention beginning to emerge? Sean Trende charts it right through the emerging demographic and geographic divides in the GOP, and concludes it’s a real possibility.

* Tea Party chieftain Jim DeMint agrees.

* Down, down, down: Romney lowers expectations still further by predicting he’ll lose “a number of states” in the weeks ahead — and by fibbing about his 2008 margin of victory in his home state of Michigan.

* With Romney set to deliver a high-stakes address tomorrow to the Conservative Political Action Conference, Michael O'Brien previews what he’s up against.

* No end to the skittishness as Senate Democrats continue running from the White House position on contraception.

* But Senator Kirsten Gillibrand suggests the President privately reassured her that the White House won’t buckle in this fight.

* The DNC rolls out experts who testify that Romney passed an almost an identical contraception plan in Massachusetts, expanding birth control access for hundreds of thousands of women.

* Wonkblog has a nice roundup of expert reaction to the big mortgage settlement. The consensus: It’s only okay if it’s a first step towards much, much more.

* David Dayen has one question for Obama’s mortgage probe task force: “Will we put people in jail?” And he explains why that question is not just revenge-mongering; it’s about the future of the economy.

* Awesome charts of the day: Inequality documented from a whole range of angles, including this: “The 1% hasn’t controlled such a large share of the economy since the eve of the Great Depression.”

* Steve Kornacki is probably right to suggest that lack of GOP enthusiasm about Romney right now may end up getting rapidly displaced by the right’s enduring and seething Obama hatred.

* Steve Benen sums up CPAC in one sentence: “for the record, teleprompter jokes aren’t funny, but they’re especially inane when they’re being read from teleprompters.”

* And from the department of hell freezes over: Rush Limbaugh concedes he agrees with yours truly about Romney’s vulnerabilities.

What else?

By  |  06:23 PM ET, 02/09/2012

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