Debt ceiling endgame comes into view

Senate Dems may be able to force the House to deal with the debt limit.

Maybe the ‘blister’ of GOP opposition really will get popped

The history of Newt Gingrich's losses against Bill Clinton suggests a decisive Obama victory in the debt fight really could matter over the long term.

  • Jonathan Bernstein
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  • Jan 14, 2013

Dems hold a trump card in debt limit showdown

If Dems move to pass a clean debt limit hike, Republicans may be harder pressed to oppose it than you might think.

Did White House really leave “platinum coin” option open? Doubtful.

All Jay Carney did today was refuse to take a position on whether such an option is even legal or viable.

Business leaders: Failure to raise debt ceiling will drive markets “haywire”

The pressure to raise the debt ceiling is about to get a good deal more intense.

The Morning Plum: Clever GOP spin on debt ceiling

Republicans are painstakingly defining the debt ceiling hike as a concession they will be making to Obama, rather than as something that must be done to protect the country from financial disaster. And news orgs are playing along.

Happy Hour Roundup

Our nightly wrap-up of news and opinion.

The Morning Plum: Job one for the White House — isolate the NRA

The White House and Democrats appear to be fully engaged for the fight to come. They will have to be.

Debt ceiling hostage taking is far more absurd — and destructive — than “mint the coin” is

The "mint the coin" campaign is greeted with derision, even as the GOP's threat to blow up the economy is greeted with yawns.

Republicans getting weak-kneed about debt ceiling fight

Still more signs emerge that the debt ceiling doesn't give Republicans the leverage they've claimed.

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